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words and photos DANIEL SCHAEFER

Besides the highway, without air condition and cruise control your journey gets slowed down. Here, we get the mood of freedomly vacation travels that our grand parents might have had when heading straight into their best time of the year. When office chair or workshop get boring, the soul needs a change for sure. So grab your things and up and away, the distance is the goal. We lately joined a good old friend on his route sttaight through center of Europe.

In todays highspeed world there sometimes is a initial need of a shut down and getting your soul a chance to fuel up again. On our personal rehab we moved together with the old friend for a roadtrip. Rhineland, Switzerland, Italy, Isle of Corsique and back – climbing Austrian hills – something that is totally differnt. Driving was besides the highspeed lanes, small streets, passes and coastal roads. A total way of 3500 kilometers for eyes and head straight to the most different natures this world has to offer.

We don't want to kill you with dozents of diary notes, better to show you the beautiful pictures and let them talk. Animate yourself to cancle the already booked package tour to Spain. Enjoy the world with your car, don't use navigate control, grab the map because thats the only thing to show you the whole thing! Follow your nose – have a good travel!